MANUBA collection GDD 2018

The third edition of MANUBA project is a continuation of the Pomeranian craftsmanship recovery.

By rule this is a very analogue initiative, appreciating the tangible and direct contact with the substance. The aspect of authenticity, reality and uniqueness is even more visible in the context of this year’s festival keyword “ERROR”.

In this year’s edition we leave the four walls and go out to physically experience the reality. We mindfully observe and touch. We check the smell, texture and structure of the REAL. Moderation becomes out favourite word. We don’t need much. We set off in the OFFLINE mode and take only a few items with us. You may wish to do the same so we might see each, exchange thoughts and experiences. See you at Gdynia Design Days 2018.

We have invited two designers and three craftsmen from Pomerania to wander and create the MANUBA – GDD Collection 2018 with us. Together we will struggle with the matter, search for errors which may be a value, look for solutions and functions needed outside the network and four walls. Let us go then.

curators: WITAMINA D | Małgorzata Knobloch and Igor Wiktorowicz

MANUBA collection GDD 2017

MANUBA - GDD Collection is a series of products created especially for the Gdynia Design Days festival. Each product is the fruit of a designer's collaboration with a craftsman. Apart from the final effect the exchange of experiences between the designer who comes up with a new design idea and a master craftsman is also important.

The first series of MANUBA products was launched in 2016 in the 9th edition of Gdynia Design Days under the curatorial supervision of Paulina and Jacek Ryń.

This year's edition continues the idea of recovering the forgotten crafts, launched last year. Referring to the festival's theme, the 2017 collection is inspired by the landscape of a beach after a storm. When the strong wind rises the waves and turns the tides the sea washes its wealth ashore and in the calm which comes after the storm patterns of sandprints are revealed.

This year we have invited three designers: Stanisław Czarnocki, Natasza Grześkiewicz and Karolina Navus-Wysocka, who had seen the magic created by the storm and combined it with traditional techniques of artistic smithery, upholstery and bee wax craftsmanship. Thanks to their cooperation with craft workshops, every participant of the Gdynia Design Days Festival will be able to take a piece of the Baltic coast back home.

The MANUBA products will be available for sale at GDD2017.

MANUBA 2017 curator: Alicja Wianecka

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MANUBA collection GDD 2016

It is through the contemporarily interpreted crafting methods that the viewers will learn about the centuries-old history of Necel pottery, the achievements of artisans from the southern Kashubian Folk Crafts House in Swornegacie, the craftsmanship and passion with which Leszek Supiński works in his forge in Oliwa or how Bohdan Szczudło combines artistic experience with his knowledge of wood and finally how the knowledge about Pomerania’s hand spinning and weaving is passed along.

Materials such as wood, ceramics, wicker, natural fibers and hand-forged steel – their uniqueness – allows us to move into the analog world, full of history and extraordinary skills of people who create them.

Curators: Jacek Ryń / Paulina Ryń